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Opportunities with eCoexist

1. Volunteer with eCoexist

We all started with eCoexist as volunteers. You can too. Whatever your background, education or level of skill, we are looking for people who are passionate about the environment and ready to take on the challenges of eco marketing. We work on week days from 10 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays as well. If you are in Pune you can work directly with the head office and team. If you are in any other city you can volunteer during peak seasons around festivals. Tell us what you are most inspired to do and we will find a role in the team for you!

2. Work for eCoexist

Current job opportunities with eCoexist include

Contact us to get further details on these positions.

3. Become a distributor of our products

Our products are currently being sent to ten cities all over India. We would like to introduce these to other cities and invite individuals and organisations to become part of the distribution network. You can either do this voluntarily or recieve the fixed commission that we offer to distributors.

4. E - volunteer opportunities

If you live in another city or country and would like to volunteer from where you are, you can do so over the internet! Projects for e volunteers could include managing our web presence, creative writing, research etc.

5. Research and development projects for environmental science students

eCoexist is involved in researching several new products that address serious environmental and ecological issues. Some of this research involves studies around current trends and toxicological research.

6. Internships with eCoexist

We also welcome business students who would like to intern with us. The concept of social entrepreneurship is very new to India but is recieving a tremendous response from the urban Indian population. Principles of Responsible and green marketing, Trusteeship, Fair Trade and Sustainability can be learnt first hand when you intern with us. We can take international interns that speak English and French.

7. Design for eCoexist

We believe that a successful product is one that has a high quality of design and aesthetic. However, Green design involves an in depth knowledge of the life cycle of every material we use. Our designers combine environmental sensitivity with beauty, to create products that are easy for dispriveleged groups to replicate.

8. Environmental Education opportunities

The scope of work at eCoexist involves a great degree of environmental education. We create educational material and do one on one sessions with children at schools as well. Write stories, create games and design posters to educate children ( and adults ) about environmental sensitivity.

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