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The Ultimate Green Party

Throwing a party! Celebrate life joyfully without being polluting!

Here are ways to have a blast while keeping the environment in mind!

If its a small party cook together using local seasonal ingredients. Organic food is great!
Extra food can be given away to those who can use it.
Use organic plates such as banana leaf or areca nut palm plates. Avoid using plastic or thermocole plates and glasses.

Try not buy bottled water but if you have to use larger bottles that can be reused. Aqua guard and boiled water should work for smaller quantities.
Serve natural drinks such as kokam sherbet, awla juice or other fresh fruit juices.

Flowers are beautiful - try having them live in flowering potted plants.

Invitations: Send out electronic invites to reduce tha mount of paper and printing involved. If these are necessary, keep the invites simple - use recycled paper if possible.

Gifts : need not always be objects. Experiences are also memorable. Distribute saplings as return gifts and organise a collective tree planting for a birthday. Get children to make something together - paint a wall for example as a memory of the event.

If you have to recieve gifts, ask for money to be donated to a worthy social or environmental cause.

Location: Have the event close to home or at a place where your guests will not have to travel too much. Save on fuel by choosing an appropriate location. Organise collective transport if travel cannot be avoided.

Music: Live music is soft on the ears and engaging. Invite people to perform at your party. Singing is always fun!

Lights: Try using candles and lamps instead of electric lights. You could even build a bonfire!

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