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Educational activities by eCoexist

The eCoexist team considers Environmental education to be a key component of our work. We regularly hold sessions with children and teachers to share our experiences and knowledge on eco sensitive lifestyles and choices. Creative exercises such as crafts and story telling form part of our educational work. Designing tools for education such as posters and slideshows is also done often.

YI Art camp

  Some of the schools we have interacted with in Pune include:

  • Symbiosis International, Vimannagar, Pune
  • Revachand Bhojwani, Camp, Pune
  • Sunderjis school, Pune
  • Vishwashanti Gurukul, Pune
  • Vibgyor International, Pune
  • Delhi Public School, Pune
  • Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai
 Colleges and Universities:  
  • Mahindra United World College Pune
  • St Mira's college, Koregaon park, Pune
  • Pune University, Pune
  • Ness Wadia College of business


Education sessions offerred so far:

Froggy green  Safe and Natural Holi: How to make your own Holi colours

This session involves education on the toxic impacts of chemical Holi colours and simple ways of making your own natural Holi colours.

Age group: 8 yrs to 15 yrs


Froggy green  Ecosensitive Ganeshas: The craft of sculpting natural clay

 Ganesh Bishops 2007

This session involves the issue of water pollution caused by the immersion of Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols and the need to replace these with natural clay. It includes a live demonstration of the making of a natural clay idol by a sculptor.

Age group: 8 yrs to 15 yrs

See video on school education on this subject done by us in 2008 here...

Froggy greenThe significance of sacred trees: The Apta tree to celebrate Dussehra

Dussehra Bhojwani

This session which is done along with the Pune Tree Watch group teaches children about the medicinal benefits of sacred trees, specifically the Apta and Shami trees which are distributed during the festival of Dussehra. It goes along with a plantation drive and promotion of sacred saplings.

Age group: 8 yrs to 15 yrs

Froggy greenThe importance of recycling: Recycling old clothes

This session involves recycling old T shirts by learning how to sew on a new patch design onto an old T shirt. The session involves a discussion on the importance of recycling.

Age group: 10 yrs to 15 yrs

Lolita w kids T shirts

Froggy greenThe ABC of Environment: Understanding the basic concepts of environment conservation


This session is for very young children who are new to the concepts of environment conservation. It takes one word per alphabet and explains each concept in simple everyday terms.

Age group: 5 yrs to 10 yrs

Froggy green Choosing a green career

This session is for older students who are faced with the task of choosing a career and the opportunities that the environmental field offers to them.

Age group: 14 to 18 yrs


Froggy greenThe Magic of Recycling
This activity session is for college students and adults to understand the potential of waste material and learn how to redesign and make new products

Age group: 15 yrs to adults

Froggy greenGreen enterprise development


This session is for college students studying commerce or business management and is aimed at exploring the opportunities and challenges in running a green enterprise.

Age group: 18 yrs to 22 yrs

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