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The Magic of Recycling

Activity Session on the possibilities of recycling waste to make new products

Aim: To get audience to recognize the value of ‘garbage’ and identify the potentials of waste materials to be reused, redesigned to make new products that can help generate an income.

Aspects addressed:

Function and Form of objects
1. When is it the right time to ‘throw’ an object away?
2. Redefining the purpose of an object
3. Redesign of materials and objects
  MOR Thermax
    Session for Thermax employees
The audience is divided into sub groups of 5 to 8 people each. They are presented with one object that may be considered ‘waste’. They are led through the following steps:

1. Study the waste material and define why it was thrown away
2. Can the object be reused as it is with minimal intervention?
3. What are the properties of the material and how can they be revived?
4. Identify a need for a product that the material could address ( the newer the concept is the better)
5. Work on a design that is simple
6. Make the new product
7. Present the product to the larger group

 MUWCI session MOR

Session with students of Mahindra United World college

Concluding session:

The session is concluded with a slide show quiz – images of ‘new’ products are shown to the audience and they are asked what the waste material it used might be. They are also shown real life examples of companies that are earning out of recycling.

The aim of the quiz is to surprise the audience with possibilities they may have never imagined so that they learn to think out of the box when redesigning their own products.
Session duration: Two hours with a 10 mn break

The host will be required to arrange all materials needed for the workshop as per a list generated with our guidance and provide facilitation for organizing the audience.

The eCoexist team will present the concept and guide the design process within the groups.

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