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eCoexist would like to revive the awareness of the beauty and power of Nature into everyday urban lives. We believe that when love for Nature is inspired in a human heart, it will naturally want to protect Her. We help people to recognise the deep impact their lifestyle choices have on their environment.

All our work begins with an environmental issue that we choose to address. In most cases, the environmental problem is caused by a certain consumer choice, of a toxic product. After studying the issue in depth, we start by offerring environmental educational activities to children and adults alike. From this work, it becomes evident that a certain amount of advocacy and lobbying has to be done to engage with society at large.

For every campaign, we then develop natural or recycled products products, which we believe will help to address the problem, when scaled up.

We design, train and produce this product and then work towards creating a market for it . This is because we believe that unless natural products are mainstreamed they cannot make an impact. We also feel that market forces can play a great role in changing the environmental scenario of the country.

Beyond the product related campaigns we also take up pure research work such as Tree Documentation.

To read more about each of our environmental campaigns click on the links below

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