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The Team

On the eCoexist team:

eCoexist Holi 2009

  natalie Mona Natalie Manisha 

Bhushan, Manisha, Lolita



 Natalie, Mona, Manisha
the three   Sunil Jalihal  Volunteers for WED event 2011

Abida, Lolita, Manisha



 and volunteers....

Manisha Gutman, Founder, eCoexistFroggy green

To know more about Manisha you can check out her resumé here...

Also visit

Download her resumé as a pdf file here...

Lolita GuptaFrog 1

Lolita is an educationist who after several years of primary school education, is now handling all aspects of operations at eCoexist. She conceptualises and executes education material, helps design and promote products. With her elegant Bengali training, Lolita brings a level of patience and perseverance to our work which often involves impossible deadlines. Ever willing to learn, Lolita believes that eCoexist brings her unexpected new opportunities to learn, be it while teaching children or shooting off letters to municipal authorities.

Abida KhanFrog 2

Several years of experience of working with an NGO called Saathi, have brought Abida the skill and endurance it needs to train women in new skills. Fabric is Abida's first love and she is happiest when surrounded by tons of it! Abida is a coutourier par excellence and has a highly refined sense of aesthetic and design. She has spent nearly ten years working directly with women prisoners at the Yerawada Jail teaching them patchwork and crochet. She now trains women in fabric art. She is deeply involved in all eCoexist products which are related to fabric.

Frog 3Natalie Leek

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Natalie has been one of the first ones to believe in the vision of eCoexist. Offerring us seed funding to start our basic operations, Natalie has been consistently supportive even at a long distance. With a human resources degree from Case Western University, Ohio and several years of work in the corporate and university sectors, Natalie is deeply aware of both the environmental and marketing angles of small enterprises. She can be contacted for inquiries about our work and to see samples of our products in the US.

Froggy greenBhushan Krishnan
K C Bhushan, alumni of IIT and IIM, created and managed his own IT software company called Cashtech which employed 400 people, for several years before selling it to turn to more socially sensitive activities. Currently he is on the team of MUKTA, an NGO that addresses issues around AIDS, and continues to be on the advisory board of Cashtech. His training and experience, give him strong business skills, while holding deep social and environmental values. Bhushan, has been advising eCoexist on development of a business plan and unfoldment of its vision. His experience in running his own company provides us invaluable grounding in management and financial strategies.

Read his thoughts on finding Happiness at Work on his blog
Froggy greenMona Doctor
Mona Doctor, has been an independent businesswoman for past two decades, owning and directing a large printing firm in Mumbai. She holds a Diploma in Natural Resource Management and has worked with the Friends of the Earth in the UK. She is a member of the Executive Council of the Trusteeship Foundation, an organisation that promotes the concept of Trusteeship amongst the business world and helps produce a news magazine called Gandhi Today. She comes from a family of freedom fighters and has had close contact with Gandhian philosophies and principles.

Her varied background gives her strong business and organisational skills, along with deep values of social justice and environmental conservation.

Frog 2    Sunil Jalihal

Sunil Jalihal, is an entrepreneur and green products, organic food enthusiast. IT professional by training, he worked for CMC, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard before co-founding a few technology start-ups in the telecom, mobile data services space. His earlier start-ups have been venture funded by JP Morgan Chase, Reuters Greenhouse Fund, Intel Capital among others. He has a keen interest in art, HR and community concepts, green architecture and gourmet food. He is currently co-authoring a book – Romancing The Chilly and running MobiMedia a new technology start-up in Pune. He believes in “bringing together people with passion and energy to create sustainable products and concepts” !!

Sheefalika Misra   Swati    
Sheefalika   Swati    

Volunteers / Interns

Frog 3Daisy Wadia

Daisy Wadia, has a background in Zoology but has a passion for recycling. She has volunteered and worked with childrens organisations like BSSK, Pune for nearly eleven years and has a soft corner in her heart for children with special needs. She loves travelling and also is very creative with her hands. Daisy sets the standard for quality along with Abida and Saakshi for our cloth products especially the applique. She tries to use every single strand of waste fabric that we give her and is mighty proud of it!

Frog 1Alison Down

Alison is with us as a volunteer from VSO, the UK-based development charity until February 2011. Her background is international marketing in France and the US for high tech companies including Apple, and she now lives in London where she works as a business coach and facilitator. She specialises in helping companies define a business culture that supports strong leadership, management skills, communication, trust and innovation.

Alison has been working with us on redesigning the website, and project planning amongst other things. As well as having wide business experience, she loves nature, animals and the arts and is very inspired by the eCoexist holistic approach to social justice, the environment and eco-friendly products. She hopes to take a little seed or tadpole from the eCoexist family back London to nourish it there.

Frog 2  Sheefalika Misra

In pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Textile Designing at NIFT Bangalore, Sheefalika spent a month as an intern with eCoexist. She was keen on working with a group where she could be exposed to every stage of product development from conceptualisation to marketing. Her time at eCoexist also gave her insight into the social angles of ethical business.

Frog 4Rohit Kanaglekar

Rohit Kanaglekar is a volunteer with eCoexist. He has an education in mechanical engineering in India and abroad. He currently works Siemens PLM Software where he specialises in engineering software product development, specifically CAD. Rohit is inspired by organizations that are trying to take responsibility for social issues through innovative business models. He has volunteered for other NGOs such as Maya Organic in Bangalore and is now helping eCoexist reach out to the corporate world. He also coordinates the CSR group at Siemens PLM Software.

Frog 3Meenakshi Kapoor

Meenakshi completed her B.Sc with Life Sciences from Hansraj College, and B.Ed from Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. She is a Post Graduate in Environmental Management from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. For the past three years, she has been working with ‘Kalpavriksh- an Environmental Action Group’ on the issues concerning biodiversity conservation, community rights and ecological sensitivity. In 2008 she did capacity building in around 50 schools of delhi and Gurgaon under the 'Kids for Tigers' programme being run by Sanctuary

Asia Magazine to protect our forests, tigers and thereby the planet. Meenakshi handles all the distribution of eCoexist products in Delhi and is a budding entrepreneur herself. She thus combines her education with the natural business sense she recieved from her family.

Froggy greenSwati Verma

Swati studied Electrical Engineering from Pune University. She has worked with Larsen & Toubro Ltd. in the ESP (Electrical Standard Products) (Marketing) department as a trainee. Swati has a passion for social entrepreneurship and this is why she chose to take two months as an intern with the eCoexist team. During this time she helped develop marketing strategies for the Green Ganesh campaign and also helped create systems to manage the project and products. Swati dreams of setting up her own social enterprise in the future.



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