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Our beliefs

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  Social Justice
  Craft & Livelihood
eCoexist would like to revive the awareness of the beauty and power of Nature into everyday urban lives. We believe that when love for Nature is inspired in a human heart, it will naturally want to protect Her. We help people to recognise the deep impact their lifestyle choices have on their environment.   eCoexist believes that harmony within oneself and with each other, leads to a harmony with the environment. We strive towards this harmony by processes of inclusion and sharing. eCoexist reaches out to underpriveleged groups like prisoners, mentally and physically challenged groups and womens self help groups to include them in our vision and work.

eCoexist believes in creating beauty by reviving crafts that originally used natural materials. We also promote technologies and new materials that are ecoesensitive. We strive for a high level of craftsmanship and aesthetic. All our products provide a source of livelihood to socially dispriveleged groups.
  Our work at eCoexist comes from the understanding that all change in society comes from a deep change within each and every human being. To create this change within ouselves we actively engage in self inquiry, as individuals and as a team. Reflecting on our inner environment, we strive to create inside us, the same beauty and peace we are looking for outside.

The Inner Environment
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