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Samarpan is a youth group based in Pimpri area of Pune. See a report below on their activities towards an eco Ganesh festival.

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Report of Chaturthi Activity at Morya Gosavi Temple on 9th August, 2009

Moving on to the 3rd Chaturthi activity, SAMARPAN decided to do something more interesting and more environment friendly.

On 8th August, reading an article in a newspaper, Pankaj Katariya and Siddhesh Sane (both SAMARPAN members) attended a seminar on ‘How to make Environment Friendly Ganesh Festival?’ in Kalyani Nagar. There they met Ms. Manisha of an environment friendly group named Ecoexist. Pankaj gave information about SAMARPAN. Ecoexist group manufactures Ganesh Idols made up of Shadu soil and sell them in market. These idols are environment friendly and can replace idols made up of Plaster of Paris which causes lot of Water Pollution after immersion. Ecoexist group even sells natural and recycled products. In the evening a meeting was held in Morya Gosavi Temple to plan the Chaturthi Activity which was on the next day i.e. 9th August.

On 9th August, some members gathered at the Temple at 6am to clean the riverside. Some new members also came early in the morning to help SAMARPAN as they were going to be SAMARPAN’s future. Then our routine work started which we do on every Chaturthi. Due to the threat of Swine Flu all members were told to wear face masks. Crowd was also less due to the same reason. New members were very enthusiastic to work as it was their first activity with SAMARPAN. This time we put up a stall and SAMARPAN’s banner near the entrance of the temple to attend enquiries about SAMARPAN for the following purposes,

* Reporting centre for Members
* Introduce SAMARPAN to the society
* Keep our belongings
* Answering queries
* Taking feedbacks from people
* Enrolling new people

We also made posters for making people aware of social problems that we are working for.

With the sun rise, members kept coming in and replaced each other. In the afternoon, Pankaj called up Ms. Manisha to invite her to see SAMARPAN’s activity because they have lots of experience with them. They do this kind of activities on a very large scale. That time she informed us that she will give a Ganesh Idol made up of Shadu Soil to SAMARPAN for free to display it during our activity and make people aware about the advantages of using it. Even the colours used on the idol were natural colours like Multani Mitti, Turmeric, Geru, etc. Then two members went to bring that idol. It was kept at the stall and posters about it were put up near by so that people would get aware of it and to encourage people to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesh Festival. Many people enquired about the idol. Many people wanted to buy that idol. We gave them the contact numbers of the dealers who sell those idols. There are four dealers of the idol in Pune situated in Kothrud, Kalyani Nagar, Senapati Bapat Road and Sohrab Hall. There was no dealer in Pimpri-Chinchwad Area. It was very late this time to make those idols available to the people as it requires advance booking. So SAMARPAN decided to make those statues available to people next year in Pimpri-Chinchwad area. There was a wonderful response to this initiative from people.

In the afternoon, Mr. Gokhale, Trustee of Morya Gosavi Temple Trust visited our stall. He appreciated our initiative and our work. He was so happy that he provided us with lunch from his own pocket. He also assured us that he will help SAMARPAN in everything we want. We requested people to give there feedbacks about SAMARPAN’s work so that we can improve our service. Everyone’s feedback was positive and encouraging.

Many new members came down to the Temple to see SAMARPAN’s work. Many also helped SAMARPAN in the work. Many visitors gave their contact numbers. Many visitors took our contact numbers. Many wanted to join SAMARPAN. SAMARPAN is now getting help from Morya Gosavi Temple Trust also. All the trustees are happy that SAMARPAN is doing such a wonderful work in their premises and are appreciating it.

At night around 9pm, all the Nirmalya collected was segregated. To collect Nirmalya we used Jute sacks to avoid plastic. The pure Nirmalya was sent to the Ashvini Kumar Nursery. The plastic and idols collected was given to the rag pickers who gain money by selling them. Remaining waste was thrown in the PCMC dustbin. This time also Mr. Nimbalkar of PCMC’s Health Department provided us the material required.

This time SAMARPAN gained huge response from public. It is sure that SAMARPAN will gain lots of height very soon. Sincere thanks to Mrs. Dev who helped us to start the activity, Mr. Nimbalkar who provides us the material required, Mr. Vaydande who is owner of the Ashvini Kumar Nursery. Sincere thanks to Mr. Gokhale and Morya Gosavi Temple Trust to be so kind and cooperative. All very sincere thanks to Ms. Manisha of Ecoexist group to help SAMARPAN to gain a new identity and to initiate a new environment friendly activity. This report has been prepared by Akshay Bodkhe.

For more details contact:
Pankaj : 9970059493
Vishwajit : 9970941684
Akshay : 9673010791

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