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Rotary Club of Pune Central

Rotary Club of Pune Central has undertaken and is at present engaged in implementing a project to promote use of paper bags made of newspapers as mentioned above.  To see bags click here

One of their members Rtn. Surendra Shroff who is a Rotary’s dist. Chairman of Preserve Planet Earth Committee has developed the bags and has taught this to various persons by way of conducting over 400 workshops all over India along with his team of trainers. Over 4000 persons have participated in these workshops and about 40 small groups are producing the same and are earning their livelihood. They earn about Rs. 60 to 80 per day and about 10 million such bags have already been sold by these groups. Rotary Club of Pune Central has donated over 500 kits costing about Rs.250 each to needy persons enabling them to start their own units.

Since these bags are eco friendly and environment friendly and also biodegradable, use of the same can eliminate drainage choking problem, cows and animals will not choke and die, will help rain water percolate easily in ground and will enhance ground water level and will help keep riverbeds clean.

The idea is to improve environment and to generate employment for economically weaker section of the society like unemployed men and women, destitute and orphaned children living on the footpaths and railway platforms, self help groups of women and also for persons who are partially blind mentally retarded and physically challenged. It has helped establish cottage industries on the lines of GRAM UDYOG. This will make them self confident, self reliant, and will help them get back on their feet. They can earn their livelihood with self esteem and enable them to stay socially and mentally active.

Carrying capacity of these bags is between 1.5 Kgs. to 15 Kgs. Price varies between 50 paise to Rs. 5 per bag depending upon size of the bag. These are multi wall bags in 3 to 6 ply thickness. This price is quite reasonable comparable and competitive if compared with 50 micron plastic bags of same dimensions and carrying capacity. In view of the ban on use of plastic bags below 50 micron thickness, imposed by Government of Maharashtra , Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Co-operative stores, Sahakaribhandars, grocers and general stores, garment and sari shops, shoeshops, sweetmeat shops can easily buy these bags on regular basis in bulk quantities.

Used newspaper is a chief raw material and is abundantly available at reasonable price through out the year all over India. Enough of trainable manpower is also available everywhere. No power is required to manufacture these bags. In view of all these advantages uninterrupted supply is assured.

A smallest of small contribution of yours by way of placing a trial order will go a long way in achieving this social cause and will bring a ray of hope in the lives of these people.

Contact details for Rtn. Surendra SHROFF : Tel. 020 25677557 Cell : 9850561557

E Mail I.D. :

See below the details of the bags they provide


Code  Image   Size Cost Capacity
A  A bag  

12.5" x 17" x 4"

(Box type)

3.00 7.5 kg
C++  C++ bag  

11" x 12.5" x 4"

(Box type)

2.00 6 kg
D  D bag  

8" x 10" x 5"

(Box type)

1.50 3 kg
F  F bag  

8" x 8.5"

(Flat type)

0.50 1.5 kg
MEW 3  MEW 3 bag  

13.5" x 17.5"

(Flat type)

2.00 4.5 kg
MEW 35  MEW 35 bag  

8" x 17.5" x 5"

(Box type)

2.00 6 kg





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