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Cloth bags from eCoexist

  eCoexist brings you a wide range of cloth bags to replace the use of plastic. Further we would be happy to custom design a bag especially for your need, for a larger volume order. Please click on images to have a closer look...
Printed Cotton Bag 
Printed cloth bags


We have printed such bags for various environment groups and our bags have been sent all the way to the Andaman islands to support anti plastic campaigns there!

To see the range of printed bags we have done click here...

Set of three shopping bags 
Set of three yellow Set of three flat Set of three fold   Set of three white
  This set of three shopping bags is designed to fold into a roll that can be carried in a car or two wheeler to be prepared for any unplanned shopping. The three bags measure
10 " x 12"
14" x 16"
16" x 23"
They are made out of unbleached cotton and have a belt attached which forms the roll.
Soft canvas bag  
 Soft canvas hang Soft canvas flat   Applique bags bamboo Applique bamboo detail                                                              
This sturdy bag made out of soft canvas is guaranteed to last through generations. Ideal for shopping it can also make a good companion to college or office, carrying files and books easily. The bag comes either plain or with a range of gorgeous designs with applique work on them. To see more designs click here...
Cloth sachets for gift items 
 gift sacks These gift sachets measure 4" x 6" and form an ideal gift wrap for any small gifts. They are also perfect for corporate gifting and can be ordered in bulk in various colours.

                                                                                                                    Gift sachets


Colour cloth bags - custom made for stores
  Colour cloth bags orange greenColour cloth bags blue greenColour cloth bags red yellow
  These multi colourd cloth bags are made out of light lining fabric and can carry the logo of the store or company. These can be easily folded and slip into a purse to reuse as a shopping bag.

 daram cake 1 daram cake 2 daram cake 3
  We can also take left over cloth from tailors and fashion designers and make custom bags for you. These bags were made for Daram - with the handloom fabric from Dastkar Andhra.
silk pouches two silk pouches several
Silk Pouches These elegant silk pouches make an ideal gift wrap for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. They can be used for a variety of purposes and can be custom designed to fit your needs.
Jute pouches  
 Jute pouches These jute pouches can have a variety of uses. The strength of jute makes it possible to contain heavy items such as saplings etc and the natural beauty gives the product a completely natural look. The pouches you see here come with patchwork or embroidery which can be custom designed for any theme. The ones you see here were designed especially for the Diwali season.

stitches 2
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