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CSR opportunities for the Eco Ganesh campaign

There are several ways in which corporate groups can get involved with the campaign to make Ganesh Chaturthi more ecofriendly.


1. Promote biodegradable idols

    • Put up posters in your company promoting the use of natural idols.
    • Get a sample idol so people can see what it looks like.
    • Collect orders for clay idols and organise the payment collection.
    • Distribute a list of stores where these idols are available in your city.
    • Distribute a list of sculptors who make clay idols in your city.

2. Raise awareness about the issue amongst your employees

    • Send out an email to all your employees regarding the problems created by the festival.
    • Put up educational posters on the issue.
    • Host a presentation by us on the issue and the campaign.

3. Adopt a ghat, lake, beach

    • Choose a ghat near your location and take responsibility for keeping it clean.
    • Send volunteers to speak to the public at that ghat.
    • Put up banners poster at the ghat in the local language.
    • Sponsor the ragpicker women who will be segregating the nirmalya at that ghat.
    • Sponsor the equipment need to segregate nirmalya at that ghat.
    • Speak to the local ward office about facilities provided to keep river clean.

4. Teach children about the issue

    • Visit schools near your location and talk to children about the issue.

5. Have a workshop to make your own Ganesh idols

  • Invite a sculptor to demonstrate how an idol is made and have a workshop where employees can make their own natural clay idols.

To volunteer with eCoexist for the Nirmalya segregation campaign fill in a form here


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