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Ecofriendly accessories for Ganesha idols

Shola decorations        
shola garlands       ganpati-opt.jpg

Shola Garlands

18 inch garland: Rs 125/-

26 inch garland: Rs 160/-

      Shola is a naturally growing grass whose pith has very similar properties to thermocole but is completely biodegradable... West Bengal has a long tradition of crafts using shola. We bring you garlands and decorative designs... Read more...
Cloth temple backdrops        
two-sizes.gif       Small Ganesh idol w backdrop
Cloth temple small : Rs 50 Large : Rs 75       Natural kumkum
        Natural kumkum bowl
        Kumkum is a very important material as it is applied to a very sensitive part of your forehead. Make sure the kumkum you use is completely natural... Read more...
 Silk brocade puja cloths        
 Puja cloth       Beautiful silk puja cloths that can be used even after Ganesh Chaturthi. Sourced from the Siddha Yoga Bookstore India. Read more...
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