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Handsculpted idols from Karnataka


For 2008 we have developed exquisite hand sculpted idols that are made by master craftmen in Sirsi, Karnataka. These idols are made following scriptural injunctions, with great details to proportion and expression. The idols use solid natural clay and are left with a natural clay finish. They have all have a mooshik at the feet of Sri Ganesh, as well as a snake accompanying him. These idols support the tradition of hand sculpture, which does not use any mould whatsoever. The idols are sturdy and can last for several years if need be. Yet, when immersed in water they dissolve within hours.

Shilaghat Ganpati light Large Ganpati Darbar Ganpati
Shilapith Ganpati Height 12 inches Large Ganpati Height 18 inches Darbar Ganpati Height 10 inches

Gudigar                   The idols seen here have been handsculpted by Sri Vinayak Gudigar, who comes from a family of sculptors. Based in Sirsi, Karnataka the Gudigar family specialises in sculpture of religious dieties. Each idol takes him nearly two days to sculpt and then several days to dry. While the main occupation of the Gudigar family is to work with sandalwood, they also take on orders for clay idols to earn an additional income, since sandalwood orders are limited. The eCoexist idols have been specially designed based on sandalwood models.
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