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Natural Ganesha Idols 2007


The Nirmalya Segregation and Flower Recycling Project at the Yerawada Central Jail

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated by several Indian communities in the country as well as abroad. One of the major challenges of this festival has been the water pollution caused by the immersion of the Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols.

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Natural Clay idols from eCoexist

eCoexist proposes an eco sensitive alternative to Plaster of Paris. Going back to the traditional use of natural clay ( known as 'shaadu' in Maharashtra), our completely natural Ganesh idols also do not use any chemical paints. The raw grey idols are finished using a variety of natural earths such as Multani mitti, Geroo and natural dyes such as turmeric and beetroot. Water soluble paints are only used to delineate the eyes of the idol.

These beautiful idols have been made in the village of Pen by traditional sculptors.

Click on any image below to enlarge and take a closer look. The dimensions are in inches, Length x Width X Height. Our idols do not exceed a height of 12 inches since we would like to encourage people to use smaller idols. The natural clay that these idols are made out of comes from Gujarat and West Bengal. Like all natural resources, there has to be a sustainable use of natural clays and this is why it is important that we limit the size of our idols.

0 Chaurang 0 Nakshi 0 Kamal Lahaan Lodh Lahaan Chaurang
0 Chaurang 0 Nakshi 0 Kamal Lahaan Lodh Lahaan Chaurang
L4W3H6 L4W3H6 L5W4H7.5 L5.5W4.5H8.5
 Lahaan Nakshi  Lahaan Nakshi  Dagdu 1  Titwalla 1  Aasan Mandi
 Lahaan Kamal
 Lahaan Nakshi
 Dagdu 1
 Titwalla 1
 Aasan Mandi
L5.5W4.5H8.5 L5.5W4.5H8.5 L6W4.5H8.5   L6.5W4.5H9  L6.5W5H9.5
 Chaar haat kamal
 Bal Dhaan  Undir  Aasan Maandi  Sinhwalla
Chaar Haat Kamal Bal Dhaan Undir (Sold out!)
Double Aasan  Lahaan Sinhwalla
L6.5W6H10.5 L7.5W5H11 L7W4.5H11 L8.5W6.5H12 L7.5W4H12

CAUTION: Idols made out of natural clay are extremely fragile. Please handle these with great care when you buy them.

The natural Ganesh idols from eCoexist are completely biodegradable and we advise you to immerse them in a bucket of water in your own homes. The water can be used for potted plants or in your garden.

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To watch a video of the making of the idols click here.

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