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Make your own Pichkari!

Make your own pichkari


Steps to follow:
1. Empty waste bottle preferably of thicker plastic
2. Cycle spoke nuts (or nipple nuts)
3. Bottle cap - make a hole in the cap and fit the valve in it
4. Carefully remove the label of the water bottle and turn it around - draw something on it using permanent markers
5. Stick the label back onto the bottle - this is so that you can differentiate the Holi pichkari from your drinking water bottle
6. Screw the cap on again and fill the bottle with water. Press the bottle and see how far the water can go!!!

You can save this pichkari for use at Holi every year. You can also use this bottle to water your plants on a daily basis. When you go on a vacation and want to make sure your plants stay alive, fill the bottle with water turn it upside down and bury it in the pot into the soil. The water will drip out drop by drop and keep the soil moist over a few days.

Watch a video of how to make the pichkari on YouTube

Concept and design: Shri Arvind Gupta



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