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Holi with eCoexist!


                     Holi events the world over!

In Pune with eCoexist and the Alliance Fran├žaise
Holi party 2009

Thinking of having a late Holi party because its too cold in your country?

Thinking of using the colour for any other creative events?

Stocks are still available so contact us at the earliest!
With Shyamala Nawab in Bangalore
Bangalore party with Shyamala Shyamala says, "we all felt this holi was the best ever, the organic cols made a vast difference. we were a group of 8 moms & 12 kids who go to school together at Bishop Cotton Girls School in Bangalore.
  ..not needing to worry abt the harm of synthetic cols nor the after effects even after a wash was the most awesome part.
keep up the good work!!"

Soha plays HoliSoha Krishnamurthy plays Holi! Hoofrish, her mother sent us this picture from Delhi saying , "

Here is proof that Rang Dular is safe to use on Children....!"



 Holi at Oxford
Holi at the Oxford Indian Society, Oxford
  Manish Kushwaha of the Oxford Indian Society says "We had a great Holi event on the 7th. Although we ended up needing more colour than we had ordered, and had to resort to besan and non-herbal gulaal, the event itself was awesome- fully packed with Holi colours, cricket, kabaddi and tug-of-war."


Blind girls Holi 2009

As a way of expressing our gratitude for the incredible success of the Holi campaign - Bhushan, Lolita and Manisha, organised a Holi party for the children of the Home and School for Blind Girls, on the occasion of Rang Panchami.
The colours for this event were donated by James and Natalie Leek, from Cleveland.
Umesh Kale took some fabulous photos of this unique experience.
Do visit to take a look at the joy and love we felt!



SEND US PICTURES OF YOUR HOLI PARTY! Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our work by buying the colours! We would love to see images of you playing Holi with our colours. Write to us and send us your images at










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