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Plan your Holi party : India and abroad

The Rang Dulaar colours are a fantastic way to plan your Holi party...Here is what we ask people to keep in mind when planning your event

1. How many people are you expecting to host? We suggest an average measure of 250g per person - of course youngsters use much much more and some adults who would just like a touch may need less too.

2. The Holi season: falls in spring in India which is usually in the month of March but if spring is in another month in your country you can also celebrate Holi then. In fact to be honest.... you can celebrate Holi whenever youd like to! The warmer the weather the more your guests are likely to enjoy it.

3. We suggest that usage of water be kept to a minimum - the Rang Dulaar colours can be used both dry and wet and since they do not stain the skin very little water is needed to wash them off

4. For those of your guests who are playing Holi for the first time, orient them to be careful about their eyes and check if they have known allergies to any of the natural ingredients as a precaution.

5. The colours are easily washed off - but you dont want to wear your best clothes to the party ! To enjoy the vibrant colours you may use old cotton whites that you dont mind discarding after the event.

6. Events that are organised on lawns and on soil will require little cleaning up later as the colours are easily absorbed by the earth. If your event is on a tiled or paved floor hose it down later to wash off the exra colours.

7. Children can sometimes be taken aback at how adults look with colour on them - but once they see that its all fun and games most kids will join in the mess happily!

8. Food and music are great companions to any Holi party !

9. You may want to provide changing facilities to guests who have to drive back home after the event.

10. People love taking photos especially at such a colourful event - the colour powders and water could possibly damage equipment so either the photographer is totally hands off or your use water proof cameras!

11. Make your event more meaningful for the guests by taking a few moments to tell them how the colours empower women and childrne in need in India!

We can supply bulk colours in 1 kg pack - rates would be negotiable as per volume of order.

For Holi parties abroad we have tied up with Platina One - a Pune based export company who can forward the colours to you. For queries write to

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