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Helping prisoners earn in a colourful and joyful way!

Income opportunity for women prisoners of the Yerawada Central Prison

The Rang Dulaar colours have been providing an opportunity to the women prisoners to earn an income for the past four years. By law, prisoners are allowed to work within the prison, and earn money which can either be saved for a time when they will be free again, or sent back to their families during their stay in prison. This allows women to support children who have been seperated from them or save some money for a future time.   Holi 2011 packg abida
The Yerawada prison solicits projects that can employ women for skilled, semi skilled or unskilled labour paying them daily wages according to norms set down byt the government.The Rang Dulaar colours are packaged by the women prisoners in the Yerawada prison - an activity that requires a relatively low level of skill and can be done both by young as well as older women.   Holi 2011 green
During the project , the prison workshop is filled with colours and the eCoexist team work along with the prisoners side by side to ensure that the packaging is done accurately and in a timely manner.    
For 2011 the project employed 40 women for a period of 20 days. It also offerred a donation to the Prison Welfare Fund, newly set up in the Yerawada Prison.    
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