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Natural Holi colours: a 'natural' source of income

Providing ecosensitive livelihood to women farmers

The Rang Dulaar natural Holi colours have been a successful ecosensitive livelihood option for the women farmers. The colours offer an additional income to women farmers, supplementing their agricultural income and helping them bring in much needed additional cash in between harvest cycles.   Malnad farmer w turmeric
Holi colour 2010 making of green   The farmers grow several of the ingredients on their own farms and source the rest from naighbouring farms or markets.
The Rang Dulaar colours have brought in several lakhs of income over the past years to the women farmers, enabling them to repay house loans, pay for childrens education and also buy necessary equipment for farming needs.   Holi colour 2010 making of redHoli colour 2010 making of red
hand holding   Additionally, the process has also involved an entrepreneurial training for the farmers teaching them how to develop costing, register for taxation and meet deadlines in a professional manner.
Such products help small farmers maintain their farming activity which is becoming more and more challenging due to erratic climate and globalised markets.   It also ensures that farm land is not sold out for non agricultural activity, in an effort to meet the farmers cash needs through the year.
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