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Ingredients of natural Holi colours

Colour based on herbs and farm produce:
Turmeric   The Rang Dulaar colours are based on turmeric, which is very good for the health of human skin. The ingredients in our colours are as follows:

Orange: Natural kumkum Turmeric Rice flour
Yellow: Turmeric Potato
Green: Indigo Turmeric Potato
Pink: Beetroot powder
Blue: Indigo powder, Rice flour

Fillers: Potato powder. Rice flour
 Malnad-Seed-5.jpg   Since these are all food products, the colours are best used within six months of the manufacture date, after which they will may attract weevils. This still does not make them toxic, and they can be easily sieved and heated to eliminate any insects.
Colours based on recycled flowers:
 Flowers recycled   In addition to the above list, we also recycle flowers collected during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, which are seggregated, dried and powdered.

These flowers include those that are cultivated such as marigold, gerbara, rose, tuberose. Some flowers provide colour whereas others are used simply to add fragrance or volume.

We do not collect rare forest flowers for our colours, as we believe that this could negatively impact forest ecology.
The lab tested colours are tested for heavy metals.

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