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Areca nut palm leaf utensils

Ideal for events such as weddings, picnics and parties, these utensils are made using the Areca nut palm frond. They are completely biodegradable. They are made using a heat moulding process, are sturdy and leak proof. They can also be stacked to reduce storage space.

samples w nos   Palm leaf utensils   Palm leaf utensils stack   Palm leaf utensils side
All samples   Top view    Stacked view    Side view

Our plates are sourced from areca nut farmers in South India. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes:

Item Use  Image
12 " ROUND PLATE This size is perfect for complete meals - lunches or dinners, can take a bowl within the plate and still have enough room for food. 12 round plate 
10" ROUND PLATE This size is better for light meals - it works better without a bowl.  10 round plate
10" HEX PLATE The hexagon shape makes this plate very elegant.  photo coming
9.5 " SQUARE PLATE This square plate could be used for other purposes than food in this kitchen or during event.  photo coming
6 " ROUND PLATE This plate is a largish bowl that could work for dishes that have gravy in them.  6 round plate
4 " BOWL (Wati) This is a smaller bowl for dals and soups.  4 round wati
5 " BOWL This bowl allows larger portions of liquid servings.  5 round wati
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