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Reflections on the Inner Environment

What follows are snippets, quotes, thoughts and realisations about the deep inner connection between humans and nature. For now, its a stream of consciousness page and we invite you to explore these thoughts with us, with no other aim than to observe and revel in the beauty of this connection.


2 July 2011

No matter how well documented or noble our cause is, it wont be helped by our feeling aggression toward the oppressors or those who are promoting the danger. Nothing will ever change through aggression.

~ Pema Chodron

Environmentalism often points a finger and divides the world into those destroying and those protecting Nature. This further alienates people who are already disconnected from Nature and aggravates their sense of disconnection. To help revive the inner connection with Nature it is important that we nurture the connection between people too. Aggression cannot create connection.

16 June 2011

You only need sit still long enough in some attractive spot in the woods that all its inhabitants may exhibit themselves to you by turns.
- Walden, Henry David Thoreau

What Thoreau said about the beautiful woods, I find in my little terrace garden, in the middle of a crazy Indian city. Even when I sit there amongst the plants for just a few minutes, I see it teeming with life, butterflies, birds and the plants themselves communicate. Sitting still, watching in silence even a simple potted plant can fill you with a beautiful living energy.


27 May 2011

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
- St. Francis of Assisi

People often get overwhelmed by the magnitude of environmental destruction around us. They feel helpless and powerless. Even those who spend years fighting for the cause suffer from burnout and depression. At eCoexist, we focus on small things. Things that are possible. Doable. We offer simple solutions that may seem very small in the face of the disasters we see. What it does, though, is to build a sense of empowerment in peoples hearts. I see a need. I do what I can. And even this is good. When more and more people do what they can, change is inevitable.


14 May 2011

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.
- Henry David Thoreau

Vision is a two way process. There is an outer reality that you 'look at' and an inner vision that you 'project'. Quantum physics is now exploring the theory that the outer reality does not exist independent of the observer. If this is true, it would mean that we are constantly creating the world around us simply through what we see. If I see that the environment around me is a disaster, and I am not able to replace this with a vision of harmony, I am simply reinforcing the disaster. The question then is - when I look at something, what do I see?


12 May 2011

People have no respect for impermanence. We take no delight in it; in fact, we despair of it. We regard it as pain.

.... Pema Chodron

Most of us dont want a good thing to end. Very few cultures celebrate dissolution, degradation or destruction. But the truth is that in Nature, impermanence is essential. Most of the non biodegradable materials that humans have created come from a desire for 'durability'. Yet things that are durable also must be used again and again or you end up with piles of discarded stuff that will never degrade! Our physical world today clearly reflects our inner rejection of the fact that things, experiences, bodies must dissolve for harmony to prevail.


13 November 2010

A man is really helped when he is no longer in need of help. All else is just futility.

.... Nisargadatta

In the work that we take up at eCoexist we are always looking out for ways that our activities and products can help others. Help raise awareness, help create livelihoods. But the deepest way to help others is to empower them to recognise their own inner strengths and unfulfilled potential. This recognition enables them to change their external circumstances, maybe initially with a little help from us, but ultimately they shouldnt need us anymore.

16 April 2009

If the individual temporarily abandons human will and so allows himself to be guided by nature, nature responds by providing everything.

... Masanobu Fukuoka

For so long we have been taught to rely on our own efforts and will to ensure our security and future. How do we now turn back to 'trusting' that nature will provide? How do we learn a new way of being - one that is completely in the 'moment', that surrenders to the energy and intelligence of Nature and knows that one will be taken care of?

8 April 2009

I wish it to be wholly understood what I have become to Nature and what Nature has become to me. If you wish to understand me only passably, you must know how Nature found me and I found Nature during our first encounter; then you will have the history and the exposition of my perceptions.


What inspires people to conserve? Knowledge of the destruction we are now causing to the environment may inform people but does not necessarily inspire them. Often it produces guilt and a sense of doom. It is when one's heart is touched by Nature, when She becomes an inseperable companion in this journey of life, when one can offer and recieve love from Her that one is inspired to protect her beauty.

1 Dec 2008

Nature is not easily outdone.
.........Joseph Chilton Pearce in the Magical Child Matures

For some reason, this simple statement gives me tremendous courage. The idea that Nature is a victim and requires 'saving' has been refuted by many, yet beyond the obvious force and resilience of Nature, what resonates for me is the idea that She is conscious. And that while we may not see the intelligence behind the senseless destruction, in the larger scheme of things there are indeed cycles of creation and destruction in Nature. The need for us to live sustainable lives is not then to sustain the outer natural environment so much as it is to sustain and ensure the survival of our own species on this planet.



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