UseMEAgain campaign: Consumer Survey

UseMeAgain Campaign
The UseMeAgain campaign is an eCoexist initiative to replace the Useandthrow mentality with a habit of reuse. It focusses on encouraging people to switch from using disposable plastic carry bags to reusable cloth bags.

Please answer the following questions. Your information will be kept confidential and be used to understand the awareness levels in India currently, problems people face while trying to switch form "Use and throw" carry bags to reusable cloth bags and how we can make this process easier

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1. Do you ask for plastic bag to the vendor when you go for shopping ? *
What makes you buy/get new plastic bags ?
What do you do of these plastic bags
2. If you use the plastic bag, how much time do you reuse each plastic bag? *
3. Do you know what happens to the plastic bag when it is thrown away? *
4. Did you know we Indians use an estimated 5 billion plastic bags a year, that's over 20 million new bags being used every day. *
5. Did you know that when plastic is burnt it can release toxic chemical fumes? *
6. Did you know that there are huge floating islands of plastic waste in the oceans? *
7. Did you know that plastic is now entering your food and causing cancers? *
8. Do you really think that in a country like India we really need plastic bags just for the sake of convenience or can we manage without plastic bags knowing the amount of harm they are causing to us every day? *
For which of these would you take extra efforts?
9. What else can you use if you don't use a plastic bag? *
10. Do you feel you can make this change in your own life and refuse to use plastic bags from here on? *
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